If you’re an author, you know how important marketing is for your book’s success. Without great marketing, the chances of your book gaining any sort of traction are slim. At Ten 21, we understand this. And we can help. By hiring us to film a cinematic book trailer for you, you can be assured that you will have a vital piece of marketing taken care of. We don’t just slap an image of your book on film and surround it with quotes and cheesy music; we film an actual trailer, complete with real actors who know how to portray the characters you’ve worked hard to bring to life.

Our book trailers are not cheap; but the difference between what we produce and what you’ll find on $5 gig websites is astonishing. Check out the trailer for the Blood Armageddon series we filmed for Ten 21 Studios founder Jon F. Merz. Using local actors and locations, we achieved true cinematic looks and sound, along with special effects and more.

Book trailers start at $1,500. Schedule your FREE consultation with us today!


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