To provide one aspiring high school filmmaker with the tools and mentorship to create a series of short films over the course of the summer break.

2022 Program runs from 21 June (Tuesday) to 26 August (Friday)

Stated Program Goals for Applicant:

1. Write scripts of 3-7 pages utilizing 3-act structure typical of feature films.

2. Storyboard scripts and plan shots.

3. Cast actors for roles.

4. Assemble a crew (camera operator, sound, lights, production assistants, etc.)

5. Learn to use camera equipment.

6. Manage sound equipment.

7. Light scenes using basic lighting techniques.

8. Direct actors and control sets.

9. Edit, color, mix sound, and other post-production techniques.

10. Develop basic marketing materials for completed films.

A core prerequisite of this program is self-reliance, self-motivation, attention-to-detail, and the ability to improvise. Applicant will be mentored but is expected to confront problems and develop solutions on-the-fly. Applicant is further expected to be able to absorb knowledge and accomplish tasks without much supervision, learn from mistakes, and incorporate those experiences into their growth as a filmmaker. Mentor will be available via email and in-person during trips to the Ten 21 Studios in Providence, Rhode Island throughout course of the program.

Application process for summer 2023 begins in March 2023. More information on applying will be posted on this page at that time.


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