The world of auditions has changed. Ever since the pandemic, actors have been instructed to self-tape their auditions. This has made things easier in some respects and made it challenging in others. Specifically, setting up an area in your house or apartment to film yourself may not always be the best choice. Having a proper lighting set-up is key, as are any number of other factors.

Additionally, actors sometimes struggle to find someone to read with them for their audition. As a working actor myself, there have been times that I’ve actually recorded myself reading the other lines and tried to time things in order to get the self-tape done properly. Other times I’ve recorded my wife remotely and then played it back. It’s hard and it doesn’t have to be.

At Ten 21, we offer a number of convenient options. Our actor self-tape slots are for 30 minutes and cost only $30. We film on your phone, and you get a reader to go through the scene with. We will do as many takes in 30 minutes as necessary to make you feel like you got the best. As long as we have a minimum of eight hours notice, we can accommodate any day or time to get your self-tape done.

(Need a time outside of this range? EMAIL US & WE’LL HELP!)


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