Announcing Our First Emerging Filmmaker: Garrison Lydon

Garrison Lydon, who will be entering his junior year at Medfield Senior High School, has been selected to attend the Emerging Filmmaker Program by Ten 21 Studios in Providence, Rhode Island. Lydon, who wants to pursue a career in film, will be writing and filming a series of short films over the course of the summer using film equipment provided by Ten 21 Studios.

“I’m beyond thrilled to be selected,” said Garrison. “To think this all started with me chasing Jon after he’d left the restaurant I work at to ask his advice on getting into the film business…it’s crazy and awesome.”

For Ten 21 Studios owner Jon F. Merz, it was a case of perfect timing. “Garrison immediately impressed me with his drive and it just so happened that I was developing this program at the same time. Plus, I admired the fact that he threw caution to the wind in pursuit of his dream – that takes guts.”

The stated goals of the summer program are as follows:

1. Screenwriting

2. Storyboarding

3. Casting

4. Crew Selection

5. Camera Operation

6. Sound Gear Operation

7. Basic Lighting

8. Directing

9. Post-production

10. Basic Film Publicity

“The program is an intensive boot camp for an aspiring filmmaker. They learn to wear all the hats of a basic production, confront problems, and adapt to come up with creative solutions,” says Merz. “It’s incredibly important to encourage the next generation of creators. If the pandemic and current political atmosphere have proven nothing else, it’s that artistic endeavors are vital to weathering dark times.”

Lydon initially got interested in filmmaking during eighth grade when he was out sick a lot from school and was trapped in his room alone with a TV. “My mom was kind enough to bring in a whole collection of movies. I went on a movie marathon of so many I can’t even remember some of them.”

Although he counts two movies as his favorites: “The Royal Tenenbaums and Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark. One reminded me of how much I love my family for how different we all are from each other. And the other made me dream of stealing back relics that told the oldest tales of time to museums. Whether it is giant boulders, hidden temples, or just family shenanigans; I loved those two movies.”

A screening of the films that Lydon creates will be held later this summer at a venue to be announced shortly through the Ten 21 Studios website located at 

“I’m thrilled to be the first to go through this program. It allows me to obtain valuable experience, work with great equipment, and create films,” says Lydon. “Working with Ten 21 Studios is a dream come true and I can’t wait to get behind the camera. And if any other fellow Medfield High students want to help out with cast or crew, please reach out. We’ll have a great time!”


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