The Process of Starting

It’s been two weeks since I opened Ten 21 Studios.

In that time, a lot of stuff has had to get done to get this business off the ground and running. It amazes me how many little things add up that need doing. It can mean the difference between smooth operations and chaos.

Response has been great. People are interested in the space and what we’re up to. Just by taking a look at the services we offer, you’ll know that we are a multi-faceted operation. We rent space to creators, offer up video production services, self-tape slots for actors, copywriting, screenplay revisions, seminars, and more. We also have our own production work that we’re engaged in – even if that work hasn’t yet seen the light of day, it’s still happening.

We have our very first seminar booked for June 11th with Jay Street teaching a great 3-hour course on Self Tapes That Book. It’s only $75 bucks because we wanted to make it affordable for actors of all levels to attend. And yes, most actors by this point know how to self-tape, so they invariably ask, “why do I need a self-tape seminar?”

To that, I’d ask them: “How much are you booking off of your self tapes?” Because if it’s not a lot, then you need this seminar.

Jay helps actors book off of self tapes all the time. And one of his clients told me that Jay’s advice and help has gotten him booked on 25 roles. That’s impressive. It’s always important to put your ego aside and be able to learn from someone who might be doing things better than you. Especially if by learning something new, you help yourself in the process.

The seminar is from 1pm-4pm on June 11th. You can sign up for it here.

Ten 21 Studios also now has its own shop out here on the site. The first wave of swag is pretty sweet and I encourage folks to grab some. Merch isn’t necessarily a big money maker for a business like ours, but it certainly helps. Plus, it spreads the word about us and that’s always a good thing. Check out the shop here.

In and amongst everything else, Ten 21 Studios will be announcing the very first Emerging Filmmaker for the summer of 2022. This is something important to me, because giving back and showing the next generation what they can do is imperative to the continued thriving of the arts. Too often, the arts gets dismissed as some sort of luxury that we as a society can’t afford to support. That’s bullshit. If nothing else, the pandemic has shown how vital the arts are to our being able to weather dark times. As such, there’s a certain responsibility to help out the next generation wherever I can. This program is one way of doing that.

You’ll notice a small coffee cup button at the end of this and every post I publish out here. We’ve hooked up with Ko-fi to enable tipping or making small donations if you feel like helping us out. Every little bit of support – whether it’s a buck or telling someone what we’re doing – really helps a new business. This space is amazing and I want it to become a huge part of the film community in the New England area. Having your support will help make that a reality.

So thank you to everyone who has signed up for our newsletter Studio Blast, liked us on Facebook and Instagram, signed up for the Jay Street Seminar, shared our posts, bought a t-shirt, and told a friend about Ten 21. I really appreciate it!



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