Welcome to Ten 21 Studios

The website has launched!

I’m not going to lie: it’s a scary thing when you’re launching a new business and need the website to be fully functional. For today’s launch, I needed to be able to start booking spots right away for Jay Street’s incredible seminar that we’re hosting on June 11th.

But 30 minutes before launch, in spite of testing all week, things stopped working. Worse, the help desk that I needed was on Pacific Time and wouldn’t be in the office until noon my time. So that delayed things for only twenty minutes because the help desk is awesome and got things straightened out right away…but there ya go.

It’s the little things that will trip you up. Which is why attention-to-detail is so important. Stuff like that was hammered into me a long time ago, in another life, and has stayed with me ever since. People often miss the small things in favor of the bigger picture. Likewise, people can get easily obsessed with minutiae and miss the bigger picture. Balance. Always balance.

So here we are. Day 1 of launch. The website is fully functional and able to take reservations and payments for renting the amazing space at Ten 21 Studios. You can reserve a space in our first ever clinic mentioned above. And soon enough, merch and more. It’s damned exciting.

The origin of this venture goes back far too long to cover in a simple blog post. A few people know about when I started trying to get things off the ground. Most people do not. Along the way, there have been successes and failures and pitfalls and relationships best left behind…that’s the way it goes. No path is ever straight forward and easy. Life doesn’t happen that way. And even in dark times, there are lessons to be gained. And wisdom to be earned.

I wish I could tell you everything that is coming down the pike for Ten 21 Studios. And I will. In time. For now, rest assured that what you see here right now is just a small taste of what is to come. It’s an extraordinary time to be launching this and I’m grateful for the support of everyone along the way. Please spread the word about us. Ten 21 aims to be a huge figure in the local New England film community and far, far beyond.

For now, I’m going to kick back with a Sapphire & tonic and study the lines I have to learn for an amazing audition I need to film this weekend. Speaking of which, did you know you can do your self-tapes at Ten 21 Studios? 😉

Welcome to Ten 21 Studios. Let’s do this!


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